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Tiny Tanks

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Tiny Tanks Tank - Excellent 3D action game with all sorts of bonuses and enhancements. The game can participate up to 8 players: the possibility to play as a team and independently. Here you not only the speed and agility, but also the appropriate speed of reaction, to do the right shots and hit even those enemies who are in hideouts. Fight with a lot of players from different countries. Control your tank, act fast and have fun. The tiny tanks can be played in single player mode, fighting with a virtual player. It is a curious game reminding of children's games in the tanks. You have your own tank that can withstand fifteen hits before explosion. The player controls a tank, that is driven on a territory fenced with household items. Besides you, on the battlefield, there are other tanks, all have one goal - to survive and destroy the other and your task is the exactly same - kill as many enemies as you can before they kill you. Take control of your car and destroy everything in your path. Your tank is not only very strong and tough but has a huge amount of powerful weapons. Do not even doubt that the victory will be on your side. Do not forget to shoot the boxes they can have useful items inside (like coins on which you will be able to buy a lot of interesting improvements, starting with bullets and up to a new tank. Furthermore you can improve the range and hitting abilities, you can change the appearance of the tank, and just buy new tanks with unique characteristics, improved armor and increased ammunition. Navigate using the arrows, quickly turning on high speeds - control is very obedient. Have a nice time!